Jack Rummel



                                              Broadway and More

                                    Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick

                                    (No Label) ATCD005


Call Me Madam Medley: It’s a Lovely Day; The Best Thing for You; (I Wonder Why) You’re In Love / Marie / Make Believe /The Lambeth Walk / Torna a Surriento; Anema e Core / If I Had a Million Dollars / Heartaches / The Music Man Medley: Lida Rose; Will I Ever Tell You?; Till There Was You; Seventy-Six Trombones / An Affair to Remember / West Side Story Medley: Tonight; I Feel Pretty; Somewhere; America / Penny Lane / Mr. Sandman.



     For Stephanie Trick, the transformation is now complete.  Her first CD was all ragtime; this CD has none.  She was probably better known as a stride pianist and there is stride piano here, but only in small quantities.  Paolo Alderighi was equally comfortable in the stride idiom, but since they joined forces – both musically and matrimonially – they have concentrated on a four-handed style that defies trite descriptions.  Let’s just say that, based on audience response, neither partner has suffered a dip in popularity.


     Their arrangements are phenomenal.  This is their first recording featuring two pianos and their timing together is just as precise as when they were sitting side by side on the same bench facing the same keyboard.  It’s almost as if they practice using an atomic clock!  Whether it be passages of stride, lite jazz, ballads or foreign rhythms (sometimes all in the same piece!), there’s not a note that isn’t in sync.


     While the first thing you notice may be the precision, you will soon be aware of the amazing dynamic range and the intimacy of the recorded sound.  The pianos are two grands, a Yamaha and a Steinway, and the audio channel of each player is identified, a fact you might not otherwise know.  Two smiling faces welcome you to the liner notes which are extensive and informative.


     I am not a knowledgeable critic of jazz, but I can recognize talent and quality.  Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick display ample quantities of both.  Theirs is not strictly jazz or stride or cocktail music and yet it is all of the above.  They’ve created a new genre and I’m calling it “PaoloandStephanie” music.  It’s enjoyable, it’s listenable and it’s danceable, too.


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